Green-themed Evoliving
Nuvali Santa Rosa

Me and Chiqui in front of Nuvali Fish Pond Attraction @ Nuvali Santa Rosa Laguna

One of the main attractions nowadays in Santa Rosa, Laguna is the Nuvali Evoliving Park specifically located at Ayala Tagaytay road. This is how you live an urban living in a nature perfect place! What made Nuvali Santa Rosa unique from any other parks or recreation site are its dedication of being a green community and its vision towards improving the quality of the lives of the people.

(Special credit to Janna my friend of Film Manila for the photo)

All I can say is that I am really love to live in Laguna! I truly love green fields and urban lifestyle, and Nuvali Santa Rosa gave that to me. No pollution! I always make sure that my friends visit this place every time they come in Laguna.

Ja and Chiqui in front of Nuvali Fish Pond Attraction @ Nuvali Santa Rosa Laguna

That was Jaja and Chiqui's first time to tour with me in Laguna and I decided to bring them at Nuvali. We went straight at the pond where the Koi Fish were. We enjoyed watching the children as they feed the fish on the pond. By the way, it was Sunday when we went there so there are a lot of families and friends hanging out in the place. Well of course, we took some photos with the Nuvali backdrop.

Shopping at Solenad 2 is Super Fun

It was Sunday when we went there so there are a lot of groups and families on the area. We just went on Solenad 2 to shop for some stuffs and there are a lot of outlets stores also on the area, you name it! Chiqui ended up buying an imported doll shoes at Payless. It was really fun to shop (or window shop).

It's the Three of Us Waiting for Our Food @ David's Tea House Nuvali Santa Rosa Laguna

We starved of course, so we decided to have some Chinese cuisine (our favorite food) to satisfy our tummy. We ate at David's Tea House and ordered noodles, rice bowls, dimsum, and other Chinese dishes.

Next time, when my two friends come back in Laguna, we will schedule a jogging activity at Nuvali and visit the Evoliving Green Exhibit on their office. For sure that will be uber fun!

How to Go to Nuvali Santa Rosa from Manila?

  1. From Manila, ride a bus in either JAM or JAC Liner in LRT Taft Pasay with signboard BALIBAGO. Travel time is 40-45 minutes.
  2. Drop off at Balibago Complex Santa Rosa, Laguna.
  3. At Complex, there are jeep going to Tagaytay located at back of the main market. The market is located at the back of Super 8 Supermarket if you are standing from the main road of the Complex. There is also a tricycle station there. You can either ride the Tagaytay jeepney or tricycle.

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