Laguna Churches

Laguna Philippines is also the home of old churches which form a big part of the province's history and culture. The first time I visited the old churches in Laguna was when I was 16 years old during the Visitia Iglesia I joined for our Theology class.

Every Holy Week, we make it a point to visit at least 1 or 2 churches in Laguna. Here the churches we visited so far.

St. Polycarp Parish Church, Cabuyao

The Cabuyao Catholic Church is one of the oldest Laguna Churches. The first and original church in Cabuyao actually was established at Marinig however, this was built on loose sand. Due to frequent flooding on the area, the friars decided to build it on a higher ground. The construction of new church started on 1763. Read more...

St. John the Baptist Church, Calamba

Jose Rizal was also baptized on this church. The church was established last 1859. History said that this was burned by the Japanese during WII but was reconstructed after the war. St. John the Baptist Church compound also has different areas where the Church-goers would truly feel the Holy presence. Read more...

St. James the Apostle Church, Paete

I had a Visita Iglesia on this church last 2001. Then we visited again during Holy Week of 2012. The town of Paete is known for their skilled wood carvings and wood crafts. Every Holy Week, families of the town showcase their old religious images that was passed from generations to generations. Read more...

Shrine of Jesus in Holy Sepulchre (Lolo Uweng), San Pedro

The Shrine of Jesus in Holy Sepulchre was fondly called as "Lolo Uweng Shrine". An image of the dead Jesus was found in the lakeshore of Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna. Since it was believed that the image is miraculous, people of Landayan kept and encased it in a "camarin" which was placed inside the "visita" for veneration. Read more...

St. Peter the Apostle Church, San Pedro

Located at National Road, Poblacion, San Pedro Laguna is Saint Peter the Apostle ChurchWill definitely not forget San Pedro Church. How come? Me and all of my siblings was baptized here. Did you know that the church is already 250 years in our journey of faith? Know more what is inside the San Pedro Church. Read more...

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About the Author
Lovejoy or LJ as her friends call her, started photography since 2008. She is a well traveled person but preferred to discover her own town of Laguna, Philippines. She is an entrepreneur, a financial adviser and a philanthropist on her own way, she initiates programs for the needy. An Accountant by profession, a travel writer and photographer by passion, and a kids lover for life. Know more about the author...

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