A Tour Inside
Jose Rizal Shrine

Located in the heart of Calamba Laguna, Jose Rizal Shrine and Museum, is the most visited tourist spot of the town. I must say, your trip in Calamba will not be complete without visiting the most popular museum in Laguna. The entrance here is free but you may spare some dime for your donation to preserve the place. Jose Rizal Shrine operates during Monday to Sunday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

Want to view all Jose Rizal Shrine photos? Just knock and click on the historic door.

By the way, the current house is a replica of the original house which was destroyed during World War II. The Shrine was rebuilt and inaugurated on 1950's. Above is the image of the main door of the house but this was not used as the main entrance of the shrine.

Last 2009, the house was repainted from its original color of white to a light green color. The National Historical Institute (NHI) said that they changed the color to to give emphasis on Rizal's surname from the word "Risal" in Spanish which means green field ready to harvest. I understand that this brought out controversies but you should visit the Jose Rizal Shrine and decide for yourself.

For now, are you ready to tour the house of our National Hero?

When you enter the Jose Rizal Shrine, this stairs will welcome you. Very ancient indeed! Just watch your step when you climb the stairs or hold on the side for your safety. :)

Stairs @ The Center of Jose Rizal Shrine

Below you will see the living room or the "Sala"of the house where family members and close friends gather together. This is located near the biggest window in the house so that the guests and the family members could experience the fresh air of Calamba while socializing with each other.

The Ancient Living Room, Nice Place to Stay :)

Though this was not the original detail or arrangement of the old house, the furniture and arrangement of the area was based on the knowledge of the next generations and the NHI. I really like this area since the living room was located near the window where you can see the main Rizal Street.

We are now in "Caida" or the library and study area of the Jose Rizal Shrine. Here is where the father of the house, Francisco Mercado, kept his collection of books. It was said that the family has more than 1,000 number of books with wide range of topics. This is probably where Jose Rizal was inspired to study and to learn about many things.

Let me Study Here - The Jose Rizal Way :)

It's very amusing to have this kind of place where you can study. The place is just beside a big window where you can get a natural light to read books and newspapers. Well, all I just need are socket and Internet connection, and I am all set to study! :)

I now welcome you to the Master's Bedroom where Jose Rizal was born. The rack inside the bedroom was used for stacking pillows and mosquito nets. Also, there is this small altar where the Crucifix and image of Virgin Mary are located just like the house of a typical Catholic family.

Nice and Simple Master Bedroom @ Jose Rizal Shrine

This is now the room shared by brothers Jose and Paciano Rizal (Boys' Bedroom). In spite of the ten-year difference on their ages, the two were very very close to each other. This room only has one bed but the brothers were not always here at the same time since Paciano was studying in Manila.

The Rizal Boys' Hideout
(Special credit to Janna my friend of Film Manila for the photo)

We now move on to the Girls' Bedroom. From his sisters, Jose Rizal learned the importance of respecting a woman. But how the girls were able to fit in this room? It is kind of small for the eight of them. Maybe some of them would sleep on the floor with the use of "banig" or a native carpet. :)

Girls Bedroom. How can they fit on this place?

Anyone hungry? We are now on the Jose Rizal Shrine Kitchen. Jose enjoyed food. While in Europe, he would request his family to send him shrimp paste or mango jam. He would usually cook for his fellow Filipino and write a recipe about it. I must say that the cooking equipment on this kitchen are quite difficult to use now. :)

The Typical Kitchen of a Filipino Family
(Special credit to Janna my friend of Film Manila for the photo)

Let's now dine at Jose Rizal Shrine's Dining Room or commonly known at that time as "comedor" (Spanish translation) since some of the Filipinos can really speak Spanish just like the Mercado. Filipinos show respect to the table by good eating manner.

Dining Room with a Big Fan "Pamaypay"

I really like the big fan in the center of the dining room. It served as a ventilation on the area. No need for electric fan or air conditioner unit. All they have to do is to open the windows near the dining room and presto, you can now experience the fresh air from the garden of the Mercados!

This is us taking some picture after throwing our coin on the wishing well. What did I wish for? It's for me to keep. But I believe wishes will just be blown in the wind without hard work. :)

How to Go to Jose Rizal Shrine from Manila?

  1. Ride a bus at Greenstar Express Terminal in LRT Taft Pasay City with signboard of Calamba.
  2. Drop off at Calamba Central Terminal located at Crossing, Calamba Laguna, beside Calamba Medical Center.
  3. Ride a tricycle going to Jose Rizal Shrine which is located at J. P. Rizal street Poblacion. Tricycle fare is P8.00 per person

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