Fun-filled Dine at Isdaan Calauan Laguna
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From the name of the restaurant itself, Isdaan Calauan Laguna's specialty are sea foods and mainly Filipino foods. This floating resto-fun park is not only your typical type of restaurant but also a huge park where you and your families and friends can bond and spend some quality time. When you visit this place, expect that this one of a kind restaurant is larger than life (I'm saying this kind of literaly).

We came to the restaurant as suggested by my college bestfriend's (Jen) mother. Jen and I haven't seen each other for the longest time ever since I graduated in college and finished my Masters. So, this is indeed the perfect time.

We spent most of our time walking and taking photos around the area. Yes, you heard it right. Walking and taking photos - why? Isdaan Calauan Laguna is not just a restaurant but is like a huge park.

First thing we noticed when we come inside is this stage where some of the performers entertain visitors. At that time, this impressive magician showed his magic prowess.

We walked around again to take a look at the other attractions inside this fun-park restaurant. And you will never believe what we have discovered!

This is a very cool view to see. The bamboo fishing poles are placed on jars floating in the water. With cemented fish also. :)

Time to release all the burdens! The Tacsiyapo Wall is the best place for you to smash and break your burdens away. But you have to pay for the plates first to make this happen. Tacsiyapo means "Bwisit" in Tagalog or "Shame on You" in English. :) Well, just for experience, we paid Php20.00 each for one plate. Jen smashed the plate on the wall showing "Sinungaling" (liar), and when it's my turn to throw, the plate smashed to "Taksil" (treacherous). :) Hehe.

Look at my close encounters with Gorillazzzz of all sizes! This is the perfect way to get hungry and burn some calories before the actual food trip. :)

Time for Jen's moments! Very cool and funny photos with the natives and the former Philippine President Cory Aquino.

It's eating time after hours of walking and strolling around the area. We browsed on the menu and since there are only two of us, its kind of hard to choose foods to eat. Most of the servings are good for 3-5 persons. I created a separate helpful subreview of the Isdaan Restaurant on this link.

This is Jen & me enjoying the view and the foods from Isdaan Calauan Laguna. We got the cottage on the top deck and not on the floating restaurant since we wanted to have the view of the entire restaurant instead.

PS. There is a free boat ride at Isdaan. Take advantage of this freebie to tour around the restaurant. But as mentioned in the signage below, please give tip to the boatmen. Well, they must have been earning a lot due to the huge number of people who ride the boats everyday. Nevertheless, you helped them and that's what is important. :)

How to Go to Isdaan from Manila?

  1. Ride a bus at either Greenstar Express Terminal, JAM or Jac Liner in LRT Taft Pasay City with signboard Sta. Cruz. When in Cubao, there is also a JAC liner going to Sta. Cruz located at Kamias Cubao Central Bus Terminal.
  2. Ask the conductor to drop you at Calauan Laguna specifically in front of Isdaan Restaurant. The restaurant is on the way so you will be able to see it immediately.

Know other ways of going to Isdaan Restaurant Calauan Laguna on this link:
"How to go to Isdaan Calauan by Commute Forum"

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About the Author
Lovejoy or LJ as her friends call her, started photography since 2008. She is a well traveled person but preferred to discover her own town of Laguna, Philippines. She is an entrepreneur, a financial adviser and a philanthropist on her own way, she initiates programs for the needy. An Accountant by profession, a travel writer and photographer by passion, and a kids lover for life. Know more about the author...

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