Dining Reviews on Isdaan Calauan Laguna

by Lovejoy
(Laguna, Philippines)

Me holding the Bagong Saing Rice

Me holding the Bagong Saing Rice

Me holding the Bagong Saing Rice
With Jen Enjoying the View
Anapoy - Sticky Rice filled with Filipino Dish

My friend Jen and I dine at Isdaan Restaurant Calauan Laguna last June 12, 2012. We have not seen each other for the longest time so we decided to tour somewhere in Laguna. Her mother, Tita Rose, suggested that we should try the Isdaan Restaurant in Calauan Laguna since her friends also suggests the same thing.

From Sta. Cruz, we ride the bus to Calauan Laguna. Just less than 30 minutes away. We walked the area and took some pictures before having our early dinner. We chose to dine on the top deck portion so that we can enjoy the view of the restaurant.

We got the menu and we noticed that most of the dishes are good for 3-5 persons. Well, we looked around and some of the groups in the other cottages have at least 4 persons. Since it was just he two of us, it became hard for us to order.

Well, anyway, we ordered 1 Bagong Saing (Rice)- Php99.85, 1 Chopsuey - Php298.00, 1 Pork Sisig - Php336.60, 1 Anapoy (Sticky Rice with Filipino dish) - Php180.00, 1 Ice Coffee Shake (for me) - Php68.00, 1 Ripe Mango Shake - Php86.90, and 2 Bottled Mineral Water - Php36.00. For a total of Php1,105.35. Hmmm... quite expensive for two people but I just told myself that this is a reunion with Jen so I'd rather forget the price.

As to the foods, since I ate already to a lot of Filipino restaurants, I was able to get the standard of what is the most delicious, unfortunately, the food here does not meet my standards. I may say that they are delicious but below par than other Filipino foods that I have tasted. I believe the price that you are paying corresponds to the fun-park area.

Also, we asked for water in the house but they kept on saying that they do not have available water. 1 bottled water is not enough for me since I was thirsty from walking around the area. So I suggest to future visitors at Isdaan to bring their own water.

I have read some blogs about the Isdaan in Calauan Laguna and unfortunately some of them say that the place is such a joke or a kitsch. Well, for me, it depends on the person and how you look at things. Probably, if they thought that the place is a big joke or a kitsch, then probably, that's how they perceive their lives are. What you think, you attract. As for me, I never cared if others thought that the place is a kitsch (I would not call it like that), what I cared for is the time I spent with my friend on that place.

Will I bring my friends and family at Isdaan and dine? Yes, why not. But with the disclaimer on the price of the food and to clear their expectations.

Thank you!

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Oct 13, 2015
Dining Reviews on Isdaan Calauan Laguna NEW
by: Anonymous

I wish to visit such beautiful and interesting restaurant.There author shared his experience of visit of this beautiful restaurant with his friend which is a nice thing. Here are some more details about this on best custom essay which we must read for experience before visiting it. Thank you soo much for sharing it with other people like me.

Feb 10, 2015
hi there! NEW
by: Anonymous

2yrs ago p kmi gling jan diko type bumlik kc d deserve ng kmhaln s fud ang price..prang ngbyad lng ng venue,bukod s mlmig ung 1 bilao n nserve smen,sunog p knin konti n nga LNG sunog at mlmig p..d nkkgana kmain! but we enjoyed picture taking.. :()

Aug 26, 2014
Isdaan NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm from Sta. Rosa, Laguna and living in the United States. I went on vacation and decided to bring my family sa Isdaan. Their price is too much. Best consolation lang ng restaurant is their beautiful statues particularly their beautiful statues like the giant buddha, ape and others. Their prices talagang exorbitant.

Jul 10, 2014
Luge NEW
by: Unsatisfied

Had the same experience, d talaga masarap food talagang ung place lng dinayo namin for picture taking.......I suggest bukod sa water magdala ka n din ng rice palihim i rice-wrap mo para madali distribution para maka mura.....lol

Jun 15, 2014
Patience is a Virtue NEW
by: Charrie

Most of the place is open. The theme is floating village. You will walk on the bamboo flooring. Wearing high heels is not advisable.Observe "wait to be seated" policy. Advised to come before 10am to avail of a nice location for lunch.Enjoy the view. Its more on the ambience than the taste of the food so you may "selfie" all you want.

Jun 01, 2014
Dining Reviews on Isdaan Calauan Laguna NEW
by: Joey

thanks you sa blog...however, bitin lang di mo nasabi kung anung oras ka duon nagpunta umaga ba? lunch time?? mainit ba or naka aircondition kainan?

May entrance ba pagpasok, what you think kung mag iikot lang at mag ride then may minumum ba price para makapasok sa loob?

Feb 06, 2014
NICE............ NEW
by: Anonymous


Feb 06, 2014
NICE............ NEW
by: Anonymous


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