- The Historic Calamba Laguna -

The Home of our National Hero, Jose P. Rizal, Calamba Laguna derived its name from the words "kalan" (clay stove) and "bangga" (water jar) as the legend narrates. Calamba is the second component city of the Province of Laguna and is also known as the Resort Capital of the Philippines. 

Are you ready? Here are the places to go to in Calamba Laguna!

Your trip in Calamba Laguna will never be complete without the tour inside our National Hero’s house. The house was repainted into green last 2009, from the original white color, by the National Historical Institute to inform the people the meaning of Jose Rizal’s surname which comes from the Spanish word “ricial” that describes a green field ready for harvest. Read more...

Also located at the heart of Calamba Laguna is the "Calambanga" or the large pot (banga) that symbolizes the name of Calamba City. The banga is also like the map of Calamba where the name of the barangays are written.

We always make sure that my friends from Manila and provinces will take some photos here since the banga is the symbol of Calamba City. When you climb on the claypot, you can have a clearer view of the Calamba Laguna Plaza, together with the Rizal Shrine and the St. John the Baptist Church. The big claypot was built on 1939. Good thing the City government was able to restore and preserve it despite previous vandalism. Kudos to them! To all the tourists and visitors, please help preserve this area.

St. John the Baptist Church

Just across the street of Jose Rizal Shrine is St. John the Baptist Church which was constructed in 1859. This is also where Jose Rizal was baptized. I witnessed the improvement of the church since I was a kid until now. I must say that the people of Calamba open-heartily contribute for the improvement of the Church. The Church also has a beautiful replica of the Garden of Gethsemane where the Stations of the Cross are.

Bahay ni Maria Foundation

Have a meaningful vacation in Calamba Laguna by visiting Bahay ni Maria Foundation located at Brgy. Sampiruhan managed by Missionary of Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima. The first time I went to the house was on 1998 during our school outreach program. Since then, my family and I visit the house yearly. Read more...

The "Baywalk" of Calamba

Five to ten minutes away from the Poblacion is Barangay Aplaya (aplaya means waterfront) where The "Baywalk" of Calamba Laguna is. It is a very simple destination and place for simple people to hangout. I love going to Aplaya to capture the smiles of innocent kids playing around the area. But just a friendly reminder that there are already a lot of settlers around the area. Read more...