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The Heritage of
Santa Rosa Museum

Last May 18-19, 2011, the Internation Museum Day Celebration was held at Santa Rosa Heritage Museum, located at P. Gomez Street, Barangay Kanluran, Santa Rosa, Laguna, which aims to rehabilitate and to promote progress of the museum of the city.

The museum was established to give pride to the rich history of the City and to commemorate the heroic deeds of Santa Rosa heroes. The museum is the home of the culture and tradition of people of Santa Rosa, Laguna.

The infrastructure of Santa Rosa Museum was built on the year 1828 during the Spanish era as a Municipal Office and was renovated on the year 1954. Now, the building served as the museum of the city and became the home of important and heritage items, and arts and documents relevant to the history ang culture of Santa Rosa. 

Let us now begin the tour inside the Santa Rosa Heritage Museum. Are you ready?

This room used to be the prison cell during the Spanish times. When I entered the room, I had a freaky feeling. Good thing I went there in the afternoon and Ms. Virgie (City Tourism Officer) accompanied me, so it made feel at ease a bit. Currently, this room is used as a storage area of Tourism Office.

Let's now go inside the museum on the second floor.

On the second floor, first area on the left is the old office for the highest political position in the town. They also have compilation of photos of all Town Mayors of Sta. Rosa, Laguna

The place is very Spanish! When the museum was renovated, the cielings were created just like how the Spanish houses in the Philippines were made. The woods are alternately joint to make it stronger. The furnitures here are also really old! 

Antique jars and kitchen equipment can also be found inside Santa Rosa Museum. These jars were used to get and carry water from a public source to inside the house for the family's use. Some of these were also used to store rice grains that were harvested. The huge mortar and pestle on the right side photo serve as a grinding equipment to separate the grain coat to the actual rice.

Ms. Virgie showed me the living room "sala" which the arrangement was also inspired during the Spanish times. Here is where the government officials will gather during their break hours and drink coffee or tea. The furnitures are created and adorned by hands. 

We are now in the official conference area of the Gobernadorcillo and his political guests. At the center of the room is the Mesa De La Officina where the centerpiece are all antique jars and plates. There are a lot of municipal policies and ordinances were created and approved on this office that made Santa Rosa become one of the most progressive town in Laguna.

This is me with Ms. Virgie, the curator and Tourism officer of Santa Rosa. She is currently managing the Santa Rosa Museum including educational trips around Santa Rosa. I would like to give a great appreciation to her for touring me inside the museum. Ms. Virgie is very jolly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professional. The trip was super fun!

How to Go to Santa Rosa Museum from Manila?

  • 1
    From Manila, ride a bus in either JAM or JAC Liner in LRT Taft Pasay with signboard BALIBAGO. Travel time is 40 minutes. Drop off at Waltermart Sta. Rosa. From Cubao, ride an FX or Van (GT Express) in front of Starmall EDSA Crossing with signboard Balibago. Drop off at Waltermart Sta. Rosa. Travel time is 40-50 minutes depending on the traffic volume.
  • 2
    From Waltermart, just walk straight the Santa Rosa Hospital.
  • 3
    Ride a tricycle on the next terminal. Ask the manong tricyle driver to drop you to Santa Rosa Museum. Travel time is less than 5 minutes.



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