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A Walk on Aplaya Calamba Laguna

Aplaya Calamba Laguna is just five to eight minutes away from the Poblacion of Calamba. It is a small barangay with simple yet meaningful ways of living and called as the Baywalk of Calamba. Aplaya is a Spanish word which means waterfront. I must say that this place is a very simple destination and place for simple people to hangout.

There are aerobics sessions here every weekend from 5:30AM to 7:30AM. You can simply join by going there.

This part of the bridge @ Aplaya looks like a face of a lonely man. Can you find it?

When I go to Aplaya Calamba Laguna to take some photos, I always like to make stories about the photos I captured. I will just show you the different faces and scenery around this place.

Scenery of Aplaya

First thing you will see when you arrive at Aplaya is this view of the Sierra Madre and the part of Laguna Lake. There are ponds and fences on the lake since the main source of living of people here is Fishing.

Here is another photo of the area in Aplaya where fishing boats are parked on the shore with the water lilies. Locals already built small houses near the fish fences to protect and guard their own areas where they hunt for fish.

It's nice to walk or ride a bike on this area. The lights also looks good especially in the evening. I noticed that some of the students who have group dance and other presentations usually practice here. Very economical and you can even enjoy the street foods here.

Another view is the walkway going to the boat ride. The area is swamped again with water lilies. The fisherman here protects his boat so he stays there for most of his time during the day.

Faces of Aplaya

Aside from the scenic spots in Aplaya, I also enjoyed taking photos of the children playing around the area. What can I say, I'm a kid lover! 

Story 1: A Climb on Top

These kids are climbing on the railings of the old Christmas Tree. I just asked them to look at the camera and give me their cute smiles. 🙂 They have been looking at me while taking photos around so I just approached them. They are very nice and had some chitchat with them.

Story 2 : Can I Swim this Lake?

A boy looking a far and watching one of the men swimming on the lake. The boy went further below the bridge barricading the lake to have a close view of the man. He might be asking himself if he can do the same thing.

The boy is watching for this man to swim. I believe that he's a fisherman's son just swimming around the lake after the day's work. Will the boy be able to swim the deep lake just like this man?

  How to Go to Aplaya Calamba from Manila?

  • 1
    Ride a bus at Greenstar Express Terminal in LRT Taft Pasay City with signboard Calamba. Travel time is 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • 2
    Drop off at Calamba Central Terminal located at Crossing, Calamba Laguna, beside Calamba Medical Center.
  • 3
    Ride a tricycle going to Aplaya "Baywalk" which is the fartest barangay south of Calamba. Just ask the tricycle driver to drop you to Aplaya Baywalk. The destination involves a special fare for the tricycle ranging from Php15-Php20 per person from Crossing. It is advisable that you are at least three in the group to maximize the tricycle rent.



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