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- Lolo Uweng Shrine -

Diocesan Shrine of Jesus in H​oly Sepulchre

Inside the Shrine of Jesus of Holy Sepulchre. This was taken during the Christmas Season

Diocesan Shrine of Jesus in the Holy Sepulchre was also fondly called as "Lolo Uweng Shrine" the miraculous patron located at Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna. The Lolo Uweng Shrine of the Holy Sepulchre was declared a Parish on September 29, 1969. 

My Mother touching the garment of Lolo Uweng while uttering prayers

To give a brief story of Lolo Uweng, an image of the dead Jesus was found in the lakeshore of Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna. Since it was believed that the image is miraculous, the people of Landayan kept and encased it in a "camarin" which was placed inside the "visita" for veneration. The event gave way to the devotion of Jesus in the Holy Sepulcher accompanied by stories regarding the miraculous icon as testified by both the local parishioners and devotes from nearby provinces. 

Images of Holy Mary and Jesus Christ inside the Veneration Chapel

According also to local historians, the name of Lolo Uweng was derived from Emmanuel Salvador del Mundo, the name given by the patron's first devotee. "Lolo" means grandfather in Filipino and term used to express respect and endearment to the elders and "Uweng" was the traditional Filipino nickname for Emmanuel. 

This popular religious tourism destination attracts about 25,000 weekly devotees on Fridays and about half-a-million pilgrims during Lenten season. The shrine is open seven days a week but devotees particularly come to Him every Friday to commemorate the Good Friday when Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross. During Fridays also, devotees will come to the shrine the earliest in the morning, some would come even before sunrise. Devotees will also fall in line to have the chance to touch Him or even His garment at the Veneration Chapel. That was the perfect time for them to say short prayers to the Lord after which, they will garland them with Sampaguita flowers on which San Pedro Laguna was known for. 

How to Go to Lolo Uweng from Manila?

  • 1
    From Manila, ride a Train in Buendia to Pacita Complex. Travel time is 1 hour and 4 minutes. Drop off at Pacita Complex.
  • 2
    From Pacita Complex, just walk straight the Pacita Main Gate.
  • 3
    Ride a tricycle. Ask the manong tricyle driver to drop you to Balon ni Lolo Uweng. Travel time is less than 10 minutes.



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