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- Enchanted Kingdom -


My sister peace signed before entering the park

If you're a kid at heart, Enchanted Kingdom is the place for you to get loose and be a kid again! This place will also help you momentarily leave your worries behind and be filled with fun and enchantment. 

A member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) , Enchanted Kingdom is the best world-class theme Park in the Philippines. The park is located at RSBS Blvd., San Lorenzo South, Balibago, Santa Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines. 

Enchanted Kingdom was built at a cost of approximately Php1.2Billion and was first opened on July 28, 1995. There are a lot rides and attractions on the theme park that you and your families and friends would truly enjoy. Well, I've been to this place a lot of times already so I will not come back to EK if I never had a great time - I'm sure you will also.

Me ordering tickets for all of us

With the entrance fee of Php500 for weekend or holiday or Php400 for weekday rate, you can enjoy unlimited rides on Enchanted Kingdom. There are student discount tickets also at some seasons at the price of Php350.00. Just bring your validated student IDs for verification. Walk-in tickets is Php150.00, inclusive of free rides at the Grand Carousel.Very affordable if you just wanted to walk and roam around the world class park. Theme park opens at 12NN to 9PM on regular days.

Let us now have a tour inside the magical world of Enchanted Kingdom on our eyes!

Welcome to Victoria Park!

Me and Ate Rose at the Grand Carousel. Thanks to Kuya Tet's CP Cam

This park zone is inspired by the era of Queen Victoria's rule and displays it in elegance. The Grand Carousel is located here as well as the area where Eldar and her princess hang out. There are also some performers on the area to welcome the visitors of the theme park. Riding at the Grand Carousel is still cool for young at hearts, especially to my Knight friends who are with me on this photo. 

Splash of Portabello

With the Pirates of the Carribean in Portabello

A replica of Portobelo, a place Carribean Sea of Panama, this park zone features the treasures hidden by the spanish Sailors. Portabello is also the home of the ever famous and largest attraction found in the park - The Rio Grande. Flying Fiesta is also included on this zone. 

Sister posing with the rudest

pirate of all at Rio Grande

We had two rounds riding the Rio Grande and we really got really wet on the first and second rounds. So make sure that you have a whole set of wardrobe on your pack. 

Colorful World of Midway Boardwalk

This colorful and carefree park zone is inspired by the Coney Island, known as the America's Playground in the 1930s. This is where the other cool attractions in Enchanted Kingdom are located such as the Anchors Away, Ekstreme Tower Ride, Roller Skater, and Wheel of Fate, just to name a few.

The Anchors Away is really fun and hilarious! Just a tip in riding this attraction, you need to SHOUT! Proper timing will help you - shout when your side is descending not on when its ascending.

Let's Walk at Brooklyn Place

Brooklyn Place is a theater and shopping zone designed after 1940s Brooklyn, New York where slapstick comedies and silent movies are reminisced. Some of the attractions on this park zone include the Funhouse Express, Parade at Cobblestone Street, and Rialto - Simulation Ride.

Me walking on the Brooklyn Street

Rialto is a very kiddie attraction but again, since I am young at heart, so it doesn't matter.

Jungle Outpost Adventures

Cool photo of my brother, me, and sister after enduring the Jungle Log Jam

The Jungle Outpost is an Amazon jungle inspired park zone. There are calm rides for children such as the swan lake while some are extremes such as the Jungle Log Jam, a ride made of log that slides rapidly from a tall slide. 

Special Tips when you go to EK!

  • 1
    Wear comfortable clothes so you can enjoy more. I observed that some of the people would ride the Rio Grande wearing maong pants. Trust me, you would get wet on this ride.
  • 2
    Bring extra shirts. Some of the rides would get you wet or dirty.
  • 3
    Wear rubber shoes or comfortable slippers. I observed that some visitors wear high heels. If you intend to walk around the theme park, I suggest that you wear comfortable shoes or else, you will not enjoy it since you will really feel foot pain.
  • 4
    When riding the Roller Skaters, Space Shuttle, or other attractions, make sure to empty your pocket. Put it inside your bags. They would really fall from your pocket based from my experience.
  • 5
    Don't forget to keep your student ticket for a free Pepsi drink. Some seasons, EK would provide free drinks for student tickets so please don't loss them.
  • 6
    Do not ride an attraction if you ate full.
  • 7
    Know where the first aide area is. Make sure to bring first aid kit and medicines also.

How to Go to Enchanted Kingdom from Manila?

Option 1

  • 1
    From Manila, ride a bus in either JAM or JAC Liner in LRT Taft Pasay with signboard BALIBAGO. Travel time is 40 minutes. Drop off at Waltermart Sta. Rosa. From Cubao, ride an FX or Van (GT Express) in front of Starmall EDSA Crossing with signboard Balibago. Drop off at Waltermart Sta. Rosa. Travel time is 40-50 minutes depending on the traffic volume.
  • 2
    From Waltermart, just walk straight the Santa Rosa Hospital.
  • 3
    Ride a tricycle on the next terminal. Ask the manong tricyle driver to drop you to EK. Travel time is less than5 minutes.

Option 2

A shuttle service to Enchanted Kingdom is available at the Intercontinental Hotel, open parking, Ayala Center (beside SM Makati, across Ayala MRT Station and Edsa Car Park). Travel time is 40-50 minutes.



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