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- History Behind the Calambanga -

Located in the heart of Calamba Laguna is a large pot that symbolizes the origin of one of the most progressive towns in Laguna. The Calambanga Park in Calamba Laguna is a historical landmark that is now the structure of the origin of the name "Calamba."

The name of Calamba City comes from a legend during the early times of the Spanish period in the Philippines. Two guardias civil or soldiers were lost and passing through the town of what was called now Calamba. The soldiers met a young lady who came from a river carrying a jar of water (banga) and a wooden stove (kalan). 

The soldiers unwittingly in Spanish language and in authoritative tone, to conceal the fact that they were lost, asked the local maiden the name of the place they were in. The lady, who speaks only her native language, naturally thought she was being interrogated about what she was carrying and nervously uttered "kalan-banga", meaning "clay stove" (kalan) and "water jar" (banga). 

Since the Spaniards cannot properly pronounce it properly then, the town was called Calamba from that moment. This legend was immortalized with a large concrete water jar built in the city plaza of with the names of the barangays around. It is like the map of Calamba. The Calambanga is also considered as the World's Largest Claypot. You can also see the claypot on the official seal of the city. 

Most of the photographers from the earlier generation use this site for their businesses. People would usually come here and ask for one of the photographers to take a solo, family, or group photos. But due to the changes in technology, photographers who are using manual cameras not longer stay here for their business. But nevertheless, you can always bring your own camera and take photos of your friends here.

How to Go to the Calambanga from Manila?

  • 1
    Ride a bus at Greenstar Express Terminal in LRT Taft Pasay City with signboard Calamba.
  • 2
    Drop off at Calamba Central Terminal located at Crossing, Calamba Laguna beside Calamba Medical Center.
  • 3
    Ride a tricycle going to the Calambanga located in front of St. John the Baptist Parish Church and Jose Rizal Shrine which is located at J. P. Rizal street Poblacion. Tricycle fare is P10.00 per person.



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