So, Why Visit
Laguna Destinations?

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Welcome to Laguna, Philippines!

experience the Hot Springs and visit Jose Rizal's place in Calamba? To have fun at Paseo de Sta. Rosa? To climb peak three of Mount Makiling? To shoot the rapids of Pagsanjan Falls? To discover the creativity of sculptors in Paete? To have shoes and gifts shopping at Liliw? Or to eat an ever famous buko pie in Los Baños?

Whatever your purpose is, be it cultural, for joy-ride trip, or for relaxation, I guarantee you that you will enjoy the vast Laguna destinations in the Philippines!

Who will never fall in love with Laguna? Once you visit and experience travelling on the province, you will also fall in love with its rich culture, festivals, and traditions. On this site, I will tour you to our province - full of tourist spots. I will help you discover different destinations in Laguna as how a proud Laguneña experienced it. Not just "passing-thru" visits but experienced every bit of it and of course photographed every spectacular towns and cities.

So why you should visit Laguna Destinations? Simply because, there is a lot of things to see and do here, the difficulty really is where to start.

View my new page about Nagcarlan Laguna.

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What's your Laguna trip?

Are you fond of history and culture? Try visiting the famous Jose Rizal Shrine and the world's tallest statue of him in Calamba. In the nearby town of Biñan, you can find Alberto House (ancestral house of Jose Rizal's mother, Teodora Alonzo).

There are other Laguna historical sites you can visit. Just click here!

Jose Rizal Statue

Jose Rizal's World Tallest Statue located in Calamba, Laguna
(Special credit to Janna my friend of Film Manila for the photo)

Are you a nature lover like me? Laguna has wide-array of choices for those who would like to explore and discover the nature. Have a first hand experience of trekking the Mount Makiling in Los Baños and The Eight Mountains of Nagcarlan. There are more scenic spots in Laguna, join me in discovering them!

Laguna Destinations will also introduce you to various man-made infrastructures families and friends would love to go to.

From Laguna amusement parks, museums, hot spring resorts, and villages to restaurants, hotels, sports compound, villages, novelty stores, malls, and local unique businesses, Laguna has wide variety of it. I always have my friends visit our province and they always wanted to get back.

Nuvali Sta Rosa Laguna

School of Fish @ Nuvali Evoliving, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
(Special credit to Janna my friend of Film Manila for the photo)

Would you like to tour Laguna for Pilrimage, Spiritual Recollection, Church Visits (Visita Iglesia), and for other spiritual activities? Laguna Churches and religious sites are the best destinations for you to visit especially during the Holy Week Season. Imagine, there are 34 of these churches for you to discover? :)

Paete Church

Paete Caholic Church (St. James the Apostle Parish Church)

Food trips and towns delicacies? Laguna has all of that to offer. Join me as we discover the best, classic and sumptuous foods served by top Laguna restaurants and exotic, cow-boy foods offered by different Laguna cheap restaurants.

Isdaan Restaurant Calauan

View at Isdaan Restaurant, Calauan Laguna

What to do in Laguna?

Aside from travelling and enjoying the scenic spots in various Laguna Destinations, have a more meaningful visit to the province through the following activities. Well, these are my suggestions as I also enjoy doing these activities and I bet you will also feel the same thing.

  1. Photo Sessions
  2. Sports Activities
  3. Outreach Activities
  4. Food-Tasting Activity
  5. Laguna Products Crafting
  6. Meeting with the Village People
  7. Church Visiting
  8. Company Trips

A Lagunense's Trip

Who will best describe the wonders of Laguna but the person who grew up and lived here! This site started just out of my ever-growing passion to travel, to write (I truly missed writing) and to take photos. My journey in Laguna is not just a walk through or a mere online research sharing. All pages here constitute personal credits and experiences. This will share personal sights on:

Come back and visit us often for more Laguna updates. Or...

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About the Author
Lovejoy or LJ as her friends call her, started photography since 2008. She is a well traveled person but preferred to discover her own town of Laguna, Philippines. She is an entrepreneur, a financial adviser and a philanthropist on her own way, she initiates programs for the needy. An Accountant by profession, a travel writer and photographer by passion, and a kids lover for life. Know more about the author...

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